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Ardesia Design recently finished a refurbishment project of a two-bedroom apartment in Centurion Building. Located next to Chelsea Bridge Wharf, it is one of London's most glamorous riverside developments adjacent to the wide-open spaces of Battersea Park, the new Power Station development with views on the river.


The Client’s brief was to create big open space by removing wall between existing bedroom and dinning room as well as creating a new door opening that would adjoin the nearby apartment. Ardesia Design was commissioned to obtain planning permission and building regulation before the start of the works.


The wooden floor throughout is a white oak premium grade engineered wood. In the entrance lobby, which was enlarged by removing existing bathroom, recessed square lights were installed to enlighten art collected by the Client.


Custom made joinery in white colour was fitted in lobby, living room and bedroom. The bespoke curtains were made by our local manufacturer.


Kitchen floor was tiled with blue Moroccan cement tiles. Kitchen itself was designed in white matt colour and imported from Italy. The custom made steel frame partition wall was installed to separate the kitchen from the living room area.


Bathroom was designed in a soft colour scheme. Grey 60x60 cm tiles were fitted around wet areas in the bathroom. Victorian printed blue tile with a ikat fabric-like texture were fitted on the floor. Astone deck-mounted basin as well as sanitaryware in warm stainless steel finish completed the look of the bathroom.




Photo 07-04-2016, 12 34 55
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