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Ardesia Design was commissioned to refurbish a beautiful apartment located near Canal Saint-Martin, a picturesque hidden treasure district that has now become a shabby-chic hot spot in Paris.


Le Marais area with its labyrinth of cobblestone alleys gives a real feel of medieval Paris and has more pre-revolutionary buildings and streets left undamaged than any other area in Paris. Beautiful buildings and houses in the area indicate the wealthy status of their former residents.


The brief of the Project was to renovate the apartment retaining its original Parisian sophistication while maintaining a stylish contemporary style that makes it chic and cosy.


Original wall panelling, ceiling mouldings, moulded hardwood doors and chevron pattern parquet flooring were kept and refurbished to highlight historical significance of the house.


Apartment was furnished with modern custom made furniture, supplied by various manufacturers across Europe. A beautiful Italian comfortable sofa upholstered in a French grey linen fabric, an Italian pouf in an Italian red linen fabric, dark grey Gervasoni armchair with light grey stitching, Belgium reclaimed wood coffee and side tables, French lamps with metal bases and natural linen shades were fitted in the living room. Dining table with the reclaimed teak top and the metal base was installed in the dining room to match coffee and side tables in the living room.


Gervasoni bed in dark grey linen fabric with matching stitching was fitted in the bedroom along with two custom made bedside tables from reclaimed wood and table lamps with the natural linen shades.








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